LATEST (UTC):                     21:42:22   Spa Quest:   rackam63 drove 04:27.733                21:42:21   Spa Quest:   airwolf1 drove 02:31.938                21:41:56   Calder Park Quest:   JAMEL BEROUAGUE drove 00:51.588                21:41:39   Tsukuba Circuit:   alexmpower247 drove 01:08.378                21:34:15   Bentley GT3 at Road America:   guigui posted 02:08.239                21:31:50   Tsukuba Circuit:   GregGoose posted 01:03.372                21:26:10   Bentley GT3 at Road America:   YODA MOI drove 02:55.326                21:25:38   Spa Quest:   ardechien drove 02:32.094                21:16:29   Radical SR3 at Monza:   YODA MOI posted 01:55.764                21:09:58   Laguna Seca:   Aubagnais posted 01:25.967                21:01:09   Laguna Seca:   RITY 74 posted 01:28.039                20:48:44   Radical SR3 at Monza:   guigui posted 01:55.975                20:41:01   A110 GT4 at Jarama:   Aubagnais posted 01:35.170                20:39:39   Laguna Seca:   RODU69 posted 01:25.526                20:35:58   Shuto Expressway Overtaker:   Snakeleblanc scored 1864209                20:29:48   Shuto Expressway Overtaker:   YODA MOI scored 844234                20:28:09   Tsukuba Circuit:   RODU69 posted 01:02.376                20:25:05   Tsukuba Circuit:   SAM-J posted 01:05.124                20:23:47   Tsukuba Circuit:   RITY 74 posted 01:04.559                20:02:21   Porsche 911 GT3 Cup 2017 at VIR:   guigui posted 01:05.975                19:48:10   Tsukuba Circuit:   Snakeleblanc posted 01:04.572                19:39:25   Laguna Seca:   Snakeleblanc posted 01:28.388                19:25:06   The Glen Practice:   RODU69 posted 01:55.386                19:23:46   Porsche 911 Cup at Charade:   Snakeleblanc posted 01:56.143                19:22:40   The Glen Practice:   Aubagnais posted 01:54.758                19:22:05   The Glen Practice:   FALCO posted 01:56.688                19:20:41   The Glen Practice:   RITY 74 posted 01:56.247                19:17:50   The Glen Practice:   SAM-J posted 01:55.279                19:17:15   The Glen Practice:   Ba3azzouz posted 01:55.286                19:15:09   Bentley GT3 at Road America:   RODU69 posted 02:06.173                19:14:54   Shuto Expressway Overtaker:   Sylvain620 scored 9002908                19:11:26   Bentley GT3 at Road America:   Snakeleblanc posted 02:09.558                19:05:38   Porsche 911 GT3 Cup 2017 at VIR:   RODU69 posted 01:05.346                18:51:38   Radical SR3 at Monza:   Snakeleblanc posted 01:57.818                18:48:45   Porsche 911 Cup at Charade:   RODU69 posted 01:49.949                18:26:17   Bikernieki Practice:   FALCO posted 01:35.074                18:14:50   Bikernieki Practice:   SAM-J posted 01:36.633                18:12:04   Bikernieki Practice:   Corleone96 posted 01:33.126                18:08:36   Bikernieki Practice:   VLTD posted 01:36.721                18:06:24   Porsche 911 GT3 Cup 2017 at VIR:   Snakeleblanc posted 01:08.315                18:03:03   Bikernieki Practice:   Ba3azzouz posted 01:35.954                17:58:12   A110 GT4 at Jarama:   Snakeleblanc posted 01:37.157                17:53:43   Porsche 911 Cup at Charade:   Corleone96 posted 01:50.545                17:41:44   Radical SR3 at Monza:   GregGoose posted 02:00.863                17:40:36   A110 GT4 at Jarama:   VLTD posted 01:35.448                17:37:12   A110 GT4 at Jarama:   Corleone96 posted 01:35.169                17:32:34   Shuto Expressway Overtaker:   GregGoose scored 1104880                16:58:54   Porsche 911 GT3 Cup 2017 at VIR:   ItzEniox posted 01:05.355                16:43:04   Porsche 911 Cup at Charade:   ItzEniox posted 01:51.310                16:36:23   A110 GT4 at Jarama:   RITY 74 posted 01:37.420               
The future of
esports racing
The future of
esports racing
Icon.X World brings the compete-and-earn concept to simracing games
through the ICNX token. Join the waiting list to participate in our open Beta.
E-racing enthusiasts
Web3 Gamers
Assetto Corsa
Daily Players
Icon.X World Perks
the Race
Join the Race
How it Works
Craft Unique Cars
Icon.X World allows players to forge custom skins for their cars.
Customizing your car to your image by selecting the colors, design details as well as
being able to apply one of your wallet’s nfts design on it makes it absolutely unique.
The ICON.X WORLD DAO consists of 12 professional esports teams.
40% of the protocol generated revenue as well as a portion
of the $icnx apy is sent to the dao so the teams can distribute rewards
to their pilots as well as $icnx holders who delegate their tokens to the dao.
Once you’re done forging your car skin,
you can now mint it into an NFT by using $ICNX tokens.
The amount of $icnx tokens you use to mint the nft will determine the league
in which your car can compete as well as the prize pools and rewards you can earn.